Patanjali Whey Protein Review – Only Review You Need To Read 

In a Nutshell, Patanjali Whey Nutrela Protein powder is a descent-tasting, budget-friendly whey protein powder available only in chocolate flavor. There is no proper mention of amino acid profiling and product verification to ensure customer trust and fake product marketing.

Patanjali is an Indian FMCG giant known for its herbal and ayurvedic products. They have their product line across all the aspects like healthcare, beauty, grocery, medicine, etc. Since we have a significant number of Indian users who have been asking me for a Patanjali whey protein review, I’m writing this review blog.   

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Patanjali Whey Protein Review (Quick Review)


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Patanjali Nutrela Whey Review
  • 27g Protein

  • Affordable 

  • No Added Sugar

  • Low Carbs

  • High Quality Whey Isolate

India’s protein powder supplement market has been booming for five and six years. Many local brands like Abbzorb, Asitis, and Zomato have developed their product line and made remarkable foreign brands. 

The Indian supplement market has been dominated mainly by foreign companies. Brands like Optimum Nutrition, MuscleTech, Dymatize, and Muscle Pharm were the mainstream brands of the Indian market. 

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The last few years have been a pivot point for the Indian protein supplement market. With the brand new Patanjali Nutrela whey protein, Patanjali Ayurveda has also joined the protein supplement brand league. 

But are their protein powders good enough to use?

Let’s find out.  

For this review, we’ll be reviewing Patanjali Nutrela whey gold chocolate flavor.  

Patanjali needs no introduction, and you probably know everything about Patanjali. Patanjali is the main manufacturer of the Nutrela whey gold protein powder. 

Patanjali Nutrela Whey Ingredients 

Patanjali Nutrela Whey Review
  • Whey protein isolate
  • Whey protein hydrolysate 
  • Cocoa bean extract powder 
  • Thickeners/stabilizers(xanthan gum) 
  • Amino acids
  • Some herbs(hadjod extract powder) 

There are three types of whey protein; whey protein concentrate, whey isolate, and whey hydrolysate. Whey concentrate has the most carbs and fat, and whey hydrolyzed has the least number of carbs and fasts. 

As you can see, Patanjali Nutrela whey gold is a blend of two different proteins; whey protein isolate and whey hydrolysate. 

These proteins are high-quality proteins that are fast to digest and have a very high protein value. A blend of these two proteins will give you faster muscle recovery and protein synthesis. 

Along with the protein blend, it has cocoa powder, responsible for a chocolate flavor. Patanjali has used xanthan gum as a thickening agent. Thickeners make a protein powder water-soluble, enhancing the mixability of a protein powder.

Talking about its filtration method, Patanjali has used the Ultrafiltration method to filter the raw whey protein powder. Ultrafiltration is a natural method to purify whey protein, and it’s doesn’t destroy the fundamental molecules of protein or amino acids which is a good thing.

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In addition, to make it ayurvedic, Patanjali has added hadjod extract powder herb to give it an overall herbal touch for which they are pretty well known.   

Patanjali Nutrela Whey Nutritional Information 

Now that we have studied the ingredients profile let’s look at the Patanjali Nutrela whey nutrition profile. One serving of Patanjali whey protein has 

  • Calories = 114kcal
  • Protein = 27g
  • Carbohydrates = 0.5g
  • Fat = 0.4g

One serving of 30 grams of Patanjali whey gold has only 114 calories, and you get 27 grams of fantastic protein. It also has only 0.5 grams of carbs and less than one gram of fat. 

The nutrition profile of Patanjali Nutrela gold whey is lean and high in protein content. If you are looking for a lean whey protein powder or a whey protein with a low amount of carbs and fats, Patanjali Nutrela whey is a good option. 

It is also suitable for people looking for a lactose-free whey protein or people who want a low-carb whey protein powder supplement. 

Patanjali Nutrela Whey Amino Acid

There is no clear explanation of amino acid profiling as per the label. Patanjali has not disclosed the number of amino acids, and they have only mentioned the names of amino acids, which does not help anyway. 

This is poor packaging of the product. 

Patanjali Nutrela Whey Mixability 

Mixability is one of the essential fundamentals of a whey protein powder. The Mixability of Patanjali whey gold protein is pretty good. You get a lump-free, smooth texture with a 5-6 second shake.   

Patanjali Nutrela Whey Taste & Flavor

Patanjali whey is only available in chocolate flavor. Yeah, that’s one big disappointment. The taste is okayish since it’s subjective and varies from person to person. 

If you like a delicious, sweet, chocolaty flavor of whey protein, you can go buy protein powders such as Abbzorb, Asitis, etc. 

Patanjali Nutrela Gold Whey Price

One kilogram of Patanjali Nutrela gold whey will cost you around 1695 on Amazon. Patanjali whey protein has two variants, one has 86% protein availability, and the other has 80%. You’ll be surprised to know that these two products cost the same. Surprising, isn’t it? 

Patanjali Nutrela Gold Whey Pros & Cons

Patanjali Nutrela Gold Whey Pros

  • 27grams Protein Per Serving
  • Fair Price
  • Good Mixability 
  • Descent Tate
  • Low-carb whey protein isolate
  • No Artificial sugar, colors 

Patanjali Nutrela Gold Whey Cons

  • Poor Packaging 
  • No proper disclosure of amino acid profile
  • Available in only one flavor 
  • No arrangement for product verification  

Patanjali Nutrels Whey Gold Review Conclusion

So far, we have discussed everything about Patanjali’s new whey protein powder. Like hundreds of other companies, Patanjali has also launched its product to capture the massive Indian supplement market. 

The price is good but alone can’t sell the product. You have to make sure that your product is well tasted has good packaging, product verification, and multiple flavors to appeal to the consumer. Patanjali is missing these points at the moment.   

If you don’t have any issues with these things and you want a whey protein under 1700 rupees, you can go for Patanjali whey protein.  

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