5 Minute High Protein Shake For Beginners To Gain Muscles

Are you looking for a high-protein protein shake recipe to help you gain weight? 

This blog post will share my protein shake recipe that I love to have on a calorie surplus diet. 

Why is Homemade High protein shake popular? 

A typical premium high protein shake at a supermarket can cost you over $1 to $3, whereas homemade protein shakes cost you only around $1. 

Homemade protein shakes made using ingredients such as whey protein, oats, etc. are cheap and easy to prepare; most people prefer these shakes over ready-to-drink protein shakes in supermarkets.  

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Protein shakes are an easy way to have your macros (protein, carbs, essential fat) in a short time. A typical protein shake has milk, bananas, protein powder, oats, etc. 

You can take a protein shake anywhere, and it’ll take no time to prepare a high-protein shake to gain muscles and prevent any muscle loss

You can have a high protein shake in your breakfast, after a workout, or snack. 

Budget-Friendly High-Protein Shake Recipe 


  • Oats (1 Cup)
  • Milk (200ml)
  • Banana (2) 
  • Whey Protein (1 scoop)
  • Jaggery Sugar (10gm) 
  • Ice cubes

Step-by-Step Preparation Method

First, put the oats in the grinder and make the powder. Then add milk, banana, ice cube, whey protein, and jaggery, and mix it for 2 mins. Enjoy the shake. 

One of my protein shakes to gain muscles and body weight. Delicious, healthy, and high in calories, including carbs and protein. 

Why Did I Recommend This Protein Shake to Gain Weight? 

First of all, it’s very minimalistic and affordable. I have seen people adding peanut butter, almonds, cashews, and unnecessary stuff to increase the total calorie count. These ingredients are high in fatty acids; they do not have enough carb and protein content that is crucial to work out and gain muscles. 

I wanted to add ingredients with a considerable amount of carbs, protein, and a tiny amount of fat. Carbs are your fuel for a workout, and protein nourishes the damaged muscle(because of the exercise) and gains muscle size. 

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High-Calorie Protein Shake Macro Breakdown 

  • Calories = 650kcal
  • Carbs = 107gm
  • Protein = 37gm
  • Fat = 9gm

As you can see, the total calorie count is 650kcal, which is relatively high for a protein shake. If you are on a calorie-surplus diet, this high-calorie protein shake will help you complete your macros. 

Protein Powder Recommendation

Since I have tried many supplements these days, I’m using Abbzorb’s whey protein isolate. It’s a fantastic whey protein to gain weight; Abbzorb whey’s taste, mixability, effectiveness, etc., make it one of India’s best protein powders.

I have used Abbzorb chocolate-flavored protein powder for this high-calorie, high-protein shake. It tastes with milk is like chocolate-flavored milk.

Some Beginner Meal Preparation Tips

Beginners struggle with meal preparation or cooking their food for body transformation. They work to find the right ingredients, quantity, food combination, and taste. 

My motto is to guide you to make a healthy, tasty meal. If you’re not enjoying your food, you’ll give up the diet, and you won’t get the desired results.  

As a beginner, I recommend you follow these key points to make cooking/meal preparation easy. 

  1. Keep the ingredients minimum, and they must be healthy. 
  2. It would be best if you learned about the calories of different food items. 
  3. Learn a few recipes that you like the most and make them as healthy and nourishing as possible. 
  4. Don’t hesitate to try something new; eating the same food every day can make you bored after a while, but if you keep changing the ingredients and making the same meals in different ways, you can follow them for an extended period. For example- You can make scrambled eggs instead of an omelet.    


High protein shakes for weight gain, or muscle gain are very effective, healthy, and delicious. If you choose the right ingredients and follow a proper preparation procedure, you can make your shake in no time.

A protein shake will only work if your overall diet is well-balanced and clean. Your workouts and recovery/ sleep is proper. Supplements will never work if you don’t follow these things correctly.

I hope you liked this blog post, and you’ll share your experience with this protein shake. Let me know if this protein shake was helpful for muscle gain for you.


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