GHOST Vegan Protein Review (Only Review You Need To Read)

Protein supplements are a significant part of people’s life. Most of the fitness and workout freak people use protein supplements one way or the other. 

Protein powders are the influential driving factor of the nutritional supplement industry. Today we will discuss and review one such vegan protein powder from a renowned supplement manufacturer called GHOST lifestyle. 

Ghost Vegan Protein Powder [Quick Review]


Highlights (Per Serving)


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Ghost Vegan Protein Powder Review
  • 21g of protein

  • Gluten-free

  • 20 Amino Acids Available

  • Effective

  • Tasty

Ghost vegan protein is the first vegan protein powder supplement by the GHOST lifestyle. They have been producing whey protein powder, pre-workout supplements for a long time. 

For the last six or seven years, vegan supplements have been multiplying and keeping the vegan/ vegetarians demand in the market; they launched their first GHOST vegan protein powder.  

Vegan protein powder is an excellent source of high-quality protein for vegans and vegetarians. The rising number of people becoming vegan or vegetarians pushed the supplement industry to introduce more and more vegan protein powder options for people. 

vegan protein powder supplement growth rate
Growth of vegan protein powder supplement.

According to recent studies and researches, nearly 10 million people follow a vegan lifestyle in the US alone. It is almost three percent of the total population. As of September 2020, there are nearly 80 million people following a vegan lifestyle worldwide.  [Read More]

That’s why all major nutritional supplement companies are coming up with a vegan supplement option. Almost every year, hundreds of vegan protein powder supplements are coming into the market. 

It’s crucial to choose the right supplement for your nutrition. A wrong choice can make your life Hell. So it’s better to spend some time on quality analysis and product research.   

Supplements are a great choice to fulfill your daily nutritional goal, especially following a plant-based diet.  

Today we will discuss everything about the GHOST lifestyle vegan protein powder supplement.  

Before we dive straight into the review, let’s discuss the importance of protein supplements for vegans, why protein supplements are beneficial for vegans and vegetarians?   

Protein is an essential nutrient for all living beings. It is made up of amino acids that help grow, maintain, and repair body parts like bones, muscles, skin, cartilage, soft tissues, etc. 

How much protein one needs in a day?

Whether you are an athlete/ fitness freak or a regular guy, you need protein regularly. An ordinary person needs protein equal to his body regularly. It is the bare minimum requirement for maintenance. 

If you are a bodybuilder or want to build massive muscles, you need protein 1.5 to 2 times your body weight (in grams) regularly.   

For example, a regular person (60kg) with a 9 am-5 pm routine needs 60 grams, and the same person will need 90 – 120 grams of protein for muscle, bone, hair, and skin maintenance.  

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What Role Vegan Protein Powder Supplements Play? 

Protein is a building block of amino acids, and it is most commonly found in the cells of the human body. Twenty amino acids make up the complete protein. 

When we talk about vegan food sources, there are not many sources that provide you all these 20 amino acids(including essential and non-essential) like eggs, chicken, fish, etc in a limited calorie count. 

So you have to combine two or more different vegan sources to get all those 20 amino acids. 

Vegan protein powder follows this method to provide you all the essential and non-essential amino acids that your body needs.  

Vegan protein brands use pea protein, rice protein, chia protein, hemp protein, pumpkin protein, etc. The blend of all these sources makes a complete amino acid profile of the vegan protein powder supplements.   

Ghost lifestyle uses a blend of ingredients like Pea Protein Concentrate, Organic Pumpkin Protein, Watermelon Seed protein to make a complete profile vegan protein supplement.   

Ghost vegan protein is a complete protein providing all 20 essential and non-essential amino acids that your body needs. 

The amino acid profile is an essential factor for a protein powder supplement. For detailed information about this protein supplement, let’s dive into the review. 

Note:- This review is my personal and honest opinion; this is not a sponsored review. I analyze supplements on their nutritional profile, ingredients, taste and lab test reports available online.   

GHOST Vegan Protein Review [In-Depth]

1. GHOST Vegan Protein Ingredients

Ghost Vegan protein Nutritional Facts
Ghost Vegan protein nutritional facts

The quality of a protein supplement is very much dependent on the ingredients. The quality of protein sources used, amount of use, other components like sweeteners, filler, flavors decides the quality of a protein supplement. 

It is a 100% vegan protein supplement. All of the ingredients used in the making are organic, plant-based, gluten-free, and soy-free. 

Much like the GHOST whey protein powder, GHOST vegan protein also uses three sources for protein. The main ingredients for protein are pea protein concentrate, organic pumpkin protein, and watermelon seed protein.

Typically many vegan protein brands use soy protein or pea protein but not watermelon or pumpkin as protein ingredients. These two ingredients make it a unique vegan protein supplement. 

GHOST vegan protein is sweetened with sucralose, which makes it sweeter compared to stevia-based vegan protein supplements. The right balance of amino acid profile, taste, and texture makes it a top-notch vegan product. 

Some vegan protein powder supplements taste like soil/mud, which is not the right thing to use in the long term; This is not the case with GHOST lifestyle vegan protein; this vegan protein’s fantastic taste will make you fall in love with it.   

According to many research types, Pea protein has all the nine essential amino acids vital to maintaining muscles, bones, and overall health. So pea protein is as adequate as whey protein

Moreover, the addition of pumpkin protein and watermelon seed protein gives it a unique amino acid profile, taste, mixability, effectiveness, and texture.

The addition of watermelon and pumpkin makes it a high antioxidant, vitamin b-complex, and magnesium-rich protein powder.  

2. Bioavailability of Protein

Bioavailability of protein means “the % amount of protein per serving.” Let’s analyze a serving of GHOST lifestyle vegan protein supplement. 

One serving(35.3 grams) of GHOST vegan protein(Peanut Butter Cereal Milk flavor) provides:- 

  • Calories = 120
  • Protein = 21 gm
  • Carbohydrates = 6 gm
  • Fat = 1.5 gm 
  • Extra added Sugar = 0
  • Saturated Fat = 0

Total Bioavailability of Protein in Percent (%) = 21/35*100

= 60% 

Twenty-one grams of high quality at just 120 calories is impressive. You will not find such a lean, high-quality vegan protein powder supplement with zero added sugar and zero saturated fat.   

Many vegan protein brands provide 60% bioavailability of protein at 150 to 160 calories. So GHOST lifestyle vegan protein is better than many vegan protein supplements. 

I want to highlight the sodium content profile, as well.  One serving of GHOST vegan has 380 – 390 mg of sodium. However, if you are on a limited sodium diet, you should be aware.  

I would rate the Bioavailability of Protein around 9 to 9.5 out of 10. 

Besides the sodium content, this supplement’s soy-free and gluten-free quality make it the perfect nutritional supplement for everyone. No matter what lifestyle you are following, you can use this supplement for your daily protein nourishment. 

3. Mixability

Mixability is a crucial property of a protein powder supplement. Many supplements have a watery kind of texture, which is a problem for many people. 

GHOST vegan protein uses xanthan gum and sunflower creamer as ingredients to improve the mixability of the supplement. 

The texture is smooth when we use it as a shake but still does have a little grainy-ness in it. 

GHOST lifestyle vegan protein mixes well with water. You can check the following mixability test video 

I would rate the mixability around 8.5 to 9 out of 10.   

Ghost Vegan Protein Powder Mixability Test Video [Skip to 2:00]

4. Flavors

GHOST vegan protein comes in four different flavors. These flavors include

  • Chocolate Cereal Milk 
  • Peanut Butter Cereal Milk
  • Pancake Batter 
  • Banana Pancake Batter

Some taste great with water, and some taste great with other liquids like coconut milk and fruit juices. The chocolate cereal milk and peanut butter cereal milk tastes excellent with smoothies. You can make several delicious smoothies.  

It’s one of the rare non-stevia sweetened vegan protein powder that comes in four different flavors. GHOST is known for making highly-palatable supplements. 

Ghost lifestyle vegan protein uses both natural flavors and artificial sweetening, and they have done a pretty good job with that. The use of sucralose makes the supplement tastes better compared to stevia-sweetened vegan protein supplements. 

5. How To Use GHOST Vegan Protein?

You can use it in several ways. For example, after a workout session, you can use the Banana Pancake Batter flavor GHOST protein with chilled water.

Some GHOST vegan flavors like Peanut Butter Cereal Milk and Pancake Batter tastes great with recipes like pancakes, cookies, protein shakes & smoothies, etc. 

I love to make protein bars with protein supplements. I use my creativity to make delicious and protein-rich super healthy vegan protein bars.    

Choices are unlimited; it’s up to you how to explore your imagination and creativity.   

If you want to try some fantastic recipes with GHOST vegan protein, You can follow this video. This video shows you an excellent way to prepare super healthy protein balls. 

You can use these protein-rich vegan protein balls as a snack. It’s convenient to keep and taste delicious as well.  

6. How Many Protein Shakes in a Day? 

Well, It Depends. It depends on your goals/targets. If you are following a calorie deficit diet, you can use up to 2 servings of ghost protein supplements. 

For muscle building, you have to follow a calorie surplus meal program. You can eat up to 3 or 4 servings of GHOST vegan protein in a day.

One serving provides you 120 calories, so suppose your daily calorie goal is 2500 calories and your food/meals cover 2000 calories; in that case, you can use four serving to match your daily calorie goal. 

It is one of the rare low-fat, low sugar vegan protein powder.   

Note- Use in limitations if you have some issues with artificial sugar. 

7. Best Time to use? 

You can use this supplement anytime you want—one of the best things about this supplement. 

People generally tend to use protein supplements after a  workout session or first thing in the morning. The protein absorption opportunity rises to the fullest during this time. 

Usually, average vegan protein powders come with many fat and fibers, making the slow protein indigestion. It’s is not the case with GHOST vegan protein. The low amount of fat and fiber make it fast absorbable, and easy to digest.

Use one serving with 200 ml chilled water, shake well in a shaker and enjoy.  

8. Pros & Cons

For a quick recap, I would like to mention some pros and cons of GHOST vegan protein. 


  • 100% Vegan, dairy-free,
  • 21 grams of protein at just 120 kcal
  • Gluten-free
  • No cholesterol, No saturated fat ( rare in vegan protein powders)
  • All 20 amino acids available 
  • Tasty
  • High Effectiveness 
  • Available in Four amazing flavors 


  • Sodium quantity (use in moderation if you have issues)
  • Little pricey 

9. Price

Since vegan protein demand is not as equal to whey protein, Vegan protein powder generally costs more than whey protein powders

All four GHOST lifestyle vegan protein will cost $35.99, which is only $5 higher than GHOST whey protein powder.

$36 for a 2 pounds vegan protein supplement is a little expensive compare to other vegan protein supplements on the market. 

The market average is around $26 to $40, so I think a supplement like GHOST vegan protein with such a nutritional profile is reasonable at this price.

Ghost Vegan Protein: FAQs

  1. Is vegan protein powder bad for you?

    Anything in moderation is fine; the same applies to vegan protein powder supplement also. If you use your vegan supplement in proper moderation and not overfeeding, then it will work well for you.

  2. Does vegan protein make you fart?

    Not necessarily all vegan proteins. However, there are some vegan supplements available in the market that use some thickeners and sweeteners, which can make you feel bloated or can cause gas. 

    Additives used In this sort of vegan supplements can cause flatulence which is the main reason for stomach issues. 

  3. Is vegan protein better than Whey?

    Vegan protein supplements are great for people who can’t use milk byproducts. Whey protein is better than vegan protein because the whey protein provides complete at a very low calorie compared to vegan protein.

    However, vegan supplements like ghost vegan protein powder are an exception in this case because ghost vegan protein provides 21 grams of protein at just 120 calories.

  4. Can you build muscle with plant protein?

    Of course, you can. It’s a myth that you can’t build muscles following a vegan diet.
    To build muscles, you need to follow these three things:-
    1. Eat-in calorie surplus (protein-rich diet)
    2. Workout regularly
    3. Sleep (7-8 hours daily)

  5. How much plant based protein do I need to build muscle?

    You have to eat 1.5 to 2 times of protein equal to your body weight. 
    Example: Suppose your bodyweight is 60 kg(133 lbs) so you need at least 90-100 grams of protein regularly to build extra muscles. 


So that’s pretty much what I wanted to share about the “GHOST lifestyle vegan protein powder supplement.” 

We have discussed almost everything about the “GHOST vegan protein.” 

We discussed ingredients, protein bioavailability, flavors, Mixability, and how you can use this supplement.

After going through all the information and analyzing most of the properties, I can say it’s an excellent vegan protein powder supplement. 

The vegan protein supplement market has been expanding rapidly for the last few years. All major brands want to provide a vegan alternative to animal-based protein supplements; so they don’t miss the vegan audience.  

GHOST lifestyle is no different. GHOST lifestyle is known for its whey protein powder and pre-workout amino acids, and now they have made a solid entry in the vegan market with GHOST vegan protein powder supplement.  

I hope you enjoyed this review. If you still have some doubts, you can ask them in the comment section.

I’ll be happy to answer all of them.


GHOST Vegan Protein Powder

Ghost Vegan Protein is the first vegan protein from the Ghost lifestyle. Is ghost plant-based protein the best vegan protein powder supplement? Let’s find out.

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