Bringing Protein Powder On A Plane – This is What You Need to Know.

Bringing protein powder on a plane has always been confusing for thousands of people. If you are also packing up food supplements such as protein powder for plane/ flight travel, you should consider some TSA rules before packing up anything that comes to your mind. 

Short answer, Yes you can carry a Protein powder on a plane, but before rushing to pack everything, you should spend some time learning a few rules and guidelines that will save you from unwanted circumstances. 

TSA(Transportation Security Administration) has some rules and guidelines for air travel packages and stuff we can carry. 

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TSA Rules For Carrying a Protein Powder on a Plane

TSA Rules for Carrying Protein Powder on Plane
TSA Rules for Carrying Protein Powder on Planes

The official protein powder quantity you can carry on a plane is 12oz/ 350ml. If you carry more than 12oz, you can be declined from abording the plane.   

Protein powder supplements on a plane are allowed up to 12oz, but you must keep it in a separate bin or container for X-ray screening for security checks and other procedures.  

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The security officers may ask you to open up the container’s packets for additional checks. 

I recommend you carry chocolate or strawberry or any flavors not in white powdered form. You know, white-powered things are not considered reasonable in the first view. If you take chocolate or any other non-white protein powder, that may help a bit. 

Travel Size Protein Powder 

You can prefer small zip protein powder packets that supplements companies offer. Instead of putting protein into some containers or creating a mess, you can buy single servings of protein packets that are easy to carry on a plane and adjust in your traveling luggage.

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Bringing Protein Powder on a Plane: FAQs

What is The Best Way to Travel with Protein Powder?

If you are traveling with protein powder supplements, following the TSA rules for protein powders is advised. Keep non-white-colored protein powders with you, and keep your protein powder in a handy bag separate from your luggage.  

Can I take protein powder in checked luggage?

Yes, you can take your protein powders in checked luggage. No restrictions or rules prohibit you from carrying protein powder in your checked baggage. You should be aware of checked luggage, usual things like stolen or losing the package. I’m not saying this will happen for sure, but I’m sharing this information to inform you. 

How To Pack Protein Powder For Air Travel?

It is best to buy small single-use protein powder packages that supplement companies offer these days. On the other hand, you can use plastic bags with zipping that are easy to close or open, and it is convenient and saves you a lot of mess. I would recommend you the original company’s package. 

Can You Take Protein Powder on International Flights?

In the united states, TSA rules apply for carrying protein powder on a plane. If you are traveling from outside the US, you should check the respective airline authority for bringing protein powder supplements on an aircraft. 

Some countries like Australia and New Zealand are stringent when bringing food from different countries. 


I hope you got the answer you were looking for. I understand that maintaining diet and nutrition during travel is challenging. You can’t make meals by yourself all the time, and this is why carrying supplements help a lot. Protein powder is one such food that provides you fast digesting protein in low-calorie counts. 

That’s why people prefer carrying protein powder on travel. If you follow the TSA rules and guidelines for protein powders correctly, you can bring a protein powder on a plane without any problem. If you have any more doubts you can ask them in the comment section.

Happy journey 🙂

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